Puerto Del Rio: Cape Canaveral, FL

IMAGINE STANDING ON YOUR balcony and gazing at the quiet, blue waters of the Banana River. You can turn slightly in another direction and tune into the steady rush of ocean waves washing across a warm, sandy beach. You don-t have to dream: That-s what you get at Puerto Del Rio—the premier condominium
on Florida-s Space Coast.

Puerto Del Rio has easy access to the bustling activity of major attractions, cruise ships, restaurants and more. Less than two miles south of the Kennedy Space Center and less than 10 miles north of Cocoa Beach, this property offers a unique Spanish- Mediterranean design.

The penthouse is half of the top floor, and its balconies are off every room of its 4,400 square feet of living space. The ocean is nearby, only five minutes away, and a marina to park your boat is just two minutes away. It-s only 40 minutes to Orlando and the airport.

"It is unique because of its floor plan and has four units per floor with an elevator that goes right to your front door," says Gloria Farinella of Century 21/Camelot Realty.

Nick Farinella is quite familiar with Puerto Del Rio and intimately knows the value of this area."These units are built exactly the same, except for the riverfront ones that are 2,350 to 2,450 square feet with three bedrooms, two baths and a garage." The larger units are priced from $439,000 to $699,000, and smaller units are priced from $310,000 to $485,000. Three new buildings are opening up with pre-construction prices.

Beauty, quality, value—it-s not just a dream. Imagine yourself feeling at home in Puerto Del Rio.

The office number is (321) 799-0221. Gloria-s cell is (321) 543-5278, while Nick-s cell is (321) 543-1685. You can visit their Web site at www.C21CamelotRealty.com.

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